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The studio standing behind numerous IO games we all love and appreciate has never failed to deliver another hot title. The recipe is quite simple and remains the same each time, albeit with minor alterations. This time, you are about to participate in a bloody massacre that will unfold on your screen in full color. Are you ready for some real action? Then let’s get started!

When monsters go to war

Just like in previous games, you’ll start by creating a custom character that will appear in the center of a virtual arena. At first, your monster will be small and weak. Other bullies that have been in play for a while will easily tear you to pieces if you cross their path. So until you grow up some muscle, it’s reasonable to stay away from trouble. Instead, focus on collecting growth orbs – shiny colorful spheres that will contribute to your character’s evolution as a warrior. With every new level, you’ll be able to upgrade your stats and also increase in size. The bigger and stronger you get the more chances you have to stand up against a random opponent. There are fierce combats running all over the place and you won’t be able to avoid them forever. So pull yourself together and show the others what you’re worth!

Tricks and perks

The course of the battle is always hard to predict, especially if there are several opponents eager to kill each other. To up your chances, developers added a slew of powerups that can be used as a form of immediate boost. Hit the nagging enemies with a cannon bomb or wipe them off the face of earth with a red rocket. Besides, you can catch them into a trap with the help of an ambush box. As you can see, there are quite a lot of tactical possibilities to defeat everyone else in the location. You just have to be strong, agile and of course cunning enough to use their weaknesses against them. is a highly addictive game that will keep you glued to your computer for hours. Aside from all the above mentioned advantages, there are also collectible costumes for those playing with particular zest! Don’t miss on a single opportunity offered here!
Hit the leaderboards

To join the game, you simply need to set up an account and create your own Brute who will be fighting with other monsters, grow and evolve as you score victory after victory. You’ll face hundreds of players from all over the world willing to occupy the top positions of the leaderboards. You can get there, too, if you show enough spirit and persistence! The longer you play the deadlier your character will become, so there is no other way to prevail on the arena than investing as much time into the game as possible. The gameplay is totally thrilling and the graphics is pretty decent to fill your veins with adrenaline and give you tons of vivid emotions!