At all times, fighters have been one of the most popular genres among all categories of players. Packed with hot action, they have fascinated people with thrilling gameplay and impressive graphics. Today, developers’ abilities are even wider allowing them to release much more elaborate titles – like the new virtual arena game called Prepare for bloody fights and breathtaking last-second turnarounds on handsomely designed locations which are plentiful and challenging! You will meet opponents from different parts of the world and each of them will have a Brute of their own to confront you. The action will be very intense, there will be no place for hesitation. To remain alive, you’ll have to be not only stronger, but also smarter than your enemies.

What should you do to stay on the winning track? See those shiny orbs scattered around? Collect and eat them to grow bigger and prevail over your foes. Upgrade your stats as you add level after level and take advantage of instant powerups, including ambush boxes, red rockets and cannon bombs. You won’t notice the passage of time moving up the leaderboards and defeating enemy after enemy! Create an account with right now and join one of the most massive and brutal fighting multiplayers available online!


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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