Welcome to the world of incredible monsters with a new game Brutesio. The name of this game shows us what we’ll be dealing with, because brute is a synonym to beast. No wonder that when you open the game, you will see strange creature that turn everyone’s life into a mess. Everything here depends on your ability to survive in a hostile world that is full of creatures that look as terrifying, as you. You will find yourself in a very gloomy location that will make you depressed, unless you learn how to cope with all secrets that you are facing.

You start game as a simple brut, and you have to struggle your level-up, because you can grow only after completing certain missions. The authors are very generous, and they have plenty of great stuff that you may use during the game, without any limits or restrictions. They include cool outfit and impressive power-ups that will help you to achieve the progress quicker. At first your main weapon will be punch that is classified into two categories. The first one is weak and quick, but it doesn’t give the necessary result. The second one means that you have to wait, but then you get bigger charge, and destroy your enemies quicker. This becomes crucial fact when you learn that you are fighting not against bots, but against other people that are much the same, as you. After completing a certain number of missions, you grow bigger, and then your life turns into mess, because you will become too slow, and you may be killed by other enemies that are smaller and weaker than you. You have a certain goal – not only to defeat all enemies, but to take the leading place in the leaderboard.

As other io games, brutesio is characterized by precise and accurate graphics that you will fall in love with. The only its drawback is that it is not released, and there is no certain date, when it will happen. You can sign for updates, and then you will get the access to the game as soon, as it is possible. And now you can watch trailers for as long, as you want, and imagine how cool new game will be.


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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