There are games that appear, but gamers forget about them the next day; others are still in the process of development, but fans all over the world wait for their release. There is one arcade that is expected by many people, and it is called Brutesio. You will see there plenty of monsters that will be eager to kill you. This is not that scary, because you look just like them. The monsters aren’t detailed, and they seem to be created from plasticine. You may imagine anyone on their place, even your best friend. And not only imagine, but play with him or her, because it is multiplayer, and you may play with anyone, who is sitting on your server. Location is in tune with monsters, gloomy and mysterious, so you will be afraid to move in it at first, but then you will get accustomed to it with cheats.

You can choose from different colors, and your hero will be fighting with other monsters that differ in colors and sizes. You start as a tiny beast, and you should find a way to live in a terrible world. You fight with other creature, and after they are defeated they become small and luscious pieces that you should gobble. If you do that in a certain quantity, you will be able to grow and get more power. You have two types of punches. The first one allows you to kick everyone every second, and the other allows collecting energy, and makes your kick more powerful. But there is a catch – when you grow too big, you won’t be able to react on attacks the way you should, and thus you may be killed quicker and your enemy surely knows about this drawback of big sizes.


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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