For PC


If you find interest in watching a crowd of ogres beating the hell out of each other on freakishly designed arenas, this game is just what you need in PC version! Create a custom monster and start a massive fights with other cartoon characters willing to bring you down at any cost. At first, your blood-thirsty charge won’t be so dangerous and other players will easily get an upper hand if you dare to stand in their way. Until you are still small, everyone can hurt you, so it makes sense to keep away from the fight and grow a little. To do that, collect colorful orbs scattered all over the place. The more of them you get, the bigger you eventually become. Now, when you are strong enough, you can step into the combat and start winning. You’ll be helped by multiple powerups and costumes that can be collected throughout the game. Evolve your hero, increase player stats and occupy your rightful place in the rating!


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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