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How do you feel about monsters in new io game? Do you like or hate them, sitting under the table and trembling with fear? If you adore those creepy creatures, then you should definitely try new fighting arcade It is unreleased yet, but its trailer got many fans, and you may subscribe for release. If you want to know details of this new game that is still to be finished, you can read the information below, and get the general overview about it.

First of all, you should know that it is multiplayer, and you will be able to play with your friends, as well as with players all over the world. You will face numerous enemies, and you have to knock them down. You have no weapon, and you can fight only with the help of your body. There is a set of character that you may choose from, and they all differ in colors. You won’t notice too many details, and you can imagine their faces and other traits, so you can grant any features to your hero. Updates appear every day, and you may hope to see new faces and abilities. By the way, there are simple attacks that are less powerful, and other that are more powerful, but they aren’t that frequently used. There are plenty of amazing things that you may use for your benefit, and they are for free, at least, on this stage of development.

The graphics is cool, and if you choose the green color for your hero, you will see that it becomes similar to Hulk. This movie hero is powerful, and is ready to vanquish any enemy. You can try to act like this fearless character; decide, whether you can become a hero in real life, or not. You will kill every enemy, and after their death they are falling into pieces in the literal meaning of this word. Then you should pick up every piece and they will help you to grow. But don’t think that bigger size will help you; on contrary, the smaller you are – the easier your moves are. When you are huge, even the smallest and powerless monsters can kill you. That is why the bigger your size is, the more careful you should be.


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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