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Can you imagine yourself on a place of nasty beast that is fighting with other brutes? All Brutes differ in sizes and colors, and you can choose the beast that you like most of all, and start the game Brutesio. Here you will meet other players that will be trying to kill you, so you have to fight back. After you picked up the beast, you face other monsters that are controlled by other people, because it is a multiplayer. Other gamers will be skilled, and you should be ready to die, though your task is to stay alive and to get to the top places by gaining the greatest number of points. You have no weapon, and you can rely only on your fists, giving kicks and punches to everyone. Whenever you kill your opponent, it becomes dismembered, and you should gobble those details to become more powerful, and, thus bigger. The more enemies you defeat – the bigger you become, but here is a catch – you move too slowly. Nevertheless, this game is still on the development stage, and you can only see forward for the beta version. But the authors promise that Brutes will become the number one hit, and you will see this, if you wait for its release, and learn all the tricks.


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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