Brutesio for Android


For those who love the world of IO games, we present a new, utterly brutal entertainment –! Just like in other similar apps, you’ll have to fight for your life and take multiple encounters with cartoon opponents for the sake of the champion’s tittle. Jump into the fight, take over other Brutes, kick them off the cliff and get hold of growth orbs that are required to get bigger and deadlier. Over time, you will be able to evolve your character into a Brawler and even Behemoth and then there is nobody to stop you! To help you along, developers have included a wide range of mad powerups and unlockable costumes. You will be stunned by the incredible number of various boosts and possibilities to evolve your hero. As your power limit expands, you’ll climb higher and higher on the leaderboard. Involve into fierce combats with other players all over the world and try to get the most of your monster!


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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