At all times, there was a league of creatures known as true warriors.These beings were born for battle and fighting is what they do best. Eager to claim the title of the champion, they clash in bloody combats that end only with one of the opponent’s death. In, you have a chance to participate in a number of fights controlling an upgradable monster that will grow and evolve with every victory. The point of the game with multiplayer is to collect multicolored orbs that will give you the necessary size and strength boost. Gathering as many of those spheres as possible is the only requirement to turn into an unstoppable killing machine and get rid of all other characters at the arena. The more victories you score the higher your position on the leaderboards will be. However, fighting isn’t the only thing you can do in There are also many other addictive perks to keep you playing for hours, including collectible costumes, player stats and of course the ever-changing rating where there is always a place for someone like you!


  • Walk around, look
  • Strike

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